Gilles Saint Gilles

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Miami Project 2015

Deauville Beach Resort

6701 Collins Ave

Miami, FL 33141




At Smith Andersen North through December 5, 2015




Connie Harris
| Susan Hyde Greene


October 24, 2015 - December 5, 2015


Connie Harris has created art in two different mediums for her exhibition at Smith Andersen North. The knitted wire sculptures started as little circular sprouts and demanded more.  More growth, more work, more space, more substance.  Soon they were standing up, a unique, durable, presence in the room -- even when slumping they appear undaunted. All grown up, each sprout has its own unique identity.  There is no template.  In the process of creation there is "give-and-take" between the strength and technique and the resistance of the wire.  "I had to dance with the demands of the medium".Contrasting yet congruent, the paintings are a different language, different marks limited only by hand and imagination.  Even with repetitive regularity, literally marking time, each set of brush strokes and pigment tones has its own vibration. 
Layering mends, transforms, provides warmth, reveals, conceals among many attributes.  The layered images of Susan Hyde Greene transform ordinary photographs into imaginary worlds of texture, people and landscape as well as  language, spoken and unspoken.  All of her images involve cutting apart photographs and mending them back together with stitches.  Her curiosity about the natural world and human nature moves her to create interactive layered pieces not of a particular time and place but of imagination.    
Images: Left: Connie Harris, Sprouts, Steel Wire, Various sizes, 2010-2015.
Right: Susan Hyde Greene, She Loved, Pieced and mended pigment print, 15" x 15", 2015. 


Smith Andersen North is pleased to present Gilles Saint Gilles at Miami Project 2015. Gilles Saint Gilles is a collaborative project from husband and wife team Gilles and Camille Saint Gilles. Educated in France in architecture and design, the couple has constructed major architectural monuments throughout the world. Operating as “total architects”, Gilles Saint Gilles fabricates every detail of their final structures, from hand-made bricks and ceramic light fixtures to custom doorways and tiles. The results are intricate, harmonious interlocking designs - both testaments to their French and Moorish influences and reflections, in style and patina, of the surrounding architecture and landscape. 

Working out of their Panama studio, Gilles Saint Gilles brings some of these ideas and sensibilities to their innovative painting practice, integrating the language of mosaic and tapestry with an interest in abstraction and the emotional possibilities of color. Gilles cites the Paris riots of 1968 as the initial turning point in his thought process, when he sought a way to symbolize the breakdown of the social fabric and the need to restructure it anew. He created his first woven piece at that time—weaving, lacing and knotting together disparate elements—asserting a methodic artistic control while allowing for a third, unknown element to emerge. While inspired by Paul Klee, Miro and Matisse, Gilles explorations were a direct response to his contemporary world. 

This is also true of Gilles Saint Gilles current project, which picks up the thread of these early explorations. Gilles and Camille each produce a painting on paper or canvas then shred it into horizontal or vertical strips. They then weave the separate works together to create their final work—now an expression of a society fascinated and disrupted by technical evolution and a digital world awash in the language of pixels. While still intent on creating innovative new forms out of their close collaboration, their work in the painting studio is looser and more improvised than their architectural work together, inviting chance to intersect with design. The work is both a deconstruction and a reconstruction, this time to find new creative possibilities within the act of painting.
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Miami Project's fourth edition will feature fifty-five top galleries from around the world. Miami Project consistently builds a venue for the celebration and acquisition of the best art in the world to welcome the country's top museums and cultural institutions and an audience of important international collectors, directors, advisors, and an extensive network of art world insiders over the fair's five days. It is the incredible quality of Miami Project's exhibitors that sets the fair apart. Miami Project has secured its reputation as "the most cutting-edge fair" and "demonstrates the richness to be found if you look past the main fair."  
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