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Stefan Kirkeby profiled in Jan/Feb issue of Photograph Magazine

Saturday, January 9, 2016



Stefan Kirkeby



All contemporary art dealers have to make peace with a certain level of risk, but for artist/publisher/framer/photography dealer Stefan Kirkeby, risk is a co-pilot, if you will, on a really amazing ride. When he wasn’t surfing with Sam Francis’s family in Hawaii and Japan as a teen (Kirkeby’s mother is an esteemed San Francisco art dealer), or taking photographs around the world (including Perestroika Russia in 1990), he was making a string of don’t-look-back decisions. “The core of risk is a sense of human interest and curiosity – of not leaving a thought undone. My mother and father would say: ‘Don’t become an artist – I’ll break both your arms and legs.’ That’s the worst thing you can say to me, because I’ll want to do it.”